Hemant Singh- thank you and your team for the wonderful job on my new website page www.lifesizecomicstatues.com and for the needed updates on my website www.randystoyshop.com – I will recommend you and your services to anyone I know that is in need of quality and reasonably priced web design – look forward to working with you again in the future when we redesign our website.
Randy Ibey
Owner | Randy’s Toy Shop – www.randystoyshop.com
I have been using Hemant and his team at BlueNetvista for our e-commerce website for about Three years and I’d have to give him an overall rating of about 9.7.He did all the original, ground-up building of our website, thetroutfitter.com (a dealer for fly fishing gear worldwide) and has been involved with it’s expansion, which is ongoing.Being an engineer by education I am a checklist kind of person so here is my assessment of what his performance has been in the areas I feel are most important to me.

Integrity – The best. He came highly recommended and I second that vote. I don’t ever question his billings as I do with most vendors and suppliers of services, who I always feel are padding the bill and pricing as the market will bear. His prices seem low for the tasks he performs.

Communication – Excellent. His read-and-write English is perfect and when I occasionally speak to him using Skype, he is not perfect but very understandable.

Responsiveness – The best. I don’t think he sleeps. I send emails at all times of the day, California time, and the answer is in my mail box in a couple of hours if not immediately. I never have to wait overnight as I do when dealing with most other companies half way around the world.

Technical Expertise – Excellent. Hemant usually has a quick answer to all problems himself and if it is a really tough one, his team of “techies” has it figured out in 24 hours. He managed to set up parallel websites for US and International customers with the same products but different prices/deals for each and no access to the other’s website. Regardless of what URL the customer puts in, he ends up on “his” website, based on where he is in the world – a pretty clever solution if you sell worldwide.

Creative Abilities – Fair. Don’t expect a dazzling website from his team right from the gate. But, show him what you want and he will make it happen and fast. We have evolved into a working plan where we provide a sample category/product page/layout for a new manufacturer, just the way we want it, then his team duplicates it for every product in the category extracting all the salient info from the manufacturer’s website.

SEO – Good. I do not really know enough about SEO to really assess his work but the bottom line is that our page/position rankings improve every month. He has managed to move us onto that all-important first page for several products and we have enjoyed an immediate jump in sales for those products.

Hosting – Excellent. There have been no server/hosting problems except one or two short glitches where something stopped working and was fixed in a matter of an hour or two. His prices for a shared dedicated server are 30% lower than other providers.

I recommend Hemant Singh & BlueNetvista highly!

Kent Rianda
President, Fluidix, Inc. DBA The Troutfitter – www.thetroutfitter.com
I have been working with Hemant Singh from BlueNetVista for a few months developing my website and have found Hemant to be honest, upfront and a man of his word. His ideas and designs were exactly what I was after and never over promised and under delivered. A great company to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending BlueNetVista as your web developer.
Dom Vaiano
Managing Director | PROEL Group Pvt. Ltd.
I have been a professional SEO for about 14 years (http://searchsummit.com). Many of my clients have non-SEO-related technical needs which I am not qualified to fulfill. For about six years, I’ve been grateful to have been able to refer these clients to my friend Hemant Singh, who runs a 25-employees team www.BlueNetvista.com in India. He has always taken care of every project – large or small, simple or complex – in a responsible, honest, and timely manner. Don’t let the fact that he is in India dissuade you from using his services. I’ve been to India twice and I know that some of the stereotypes about Indians are true, but that’s not Hemant. Give him a try!
Rick Archer
President, www.SearchSummit.com
I put off redesigning my website far too long and then I found Hemant Singh and his team at BlueNetVista. They stepped right up with great ideas and professional work. They worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was perfect. Hemant made sure I have a website to be proud of with everything my clients need at their fingertips. The work is excellent and very affordable. I highly recommend Hemant Singh and the whole team at BlueNetVista. I plan to use them in the future with any updates my website needs.
Carolyn Long
Managing Director, www.classictravelinc.com
I highly recommend Hemant Singh with Bluenetvista. He is quick to produce, responsive, honest and creative. The work he has done for us has brought in countless clients through our website. By staying up-to-date on the latest web design techniques, he has kept us at the top of the search engines. With a great personality as a bonus, it is always a pleasure working with him.
Sarah Gewanter
LCSW, Dir. Berard Auditory Integration Training Systems, Inc
My SEO guy, Rick Archer of SearchSummit.com, has been having Hemant Singh’s company Bluenetvista help him with website design and development for about four years for my website drgums.com. This has included site redesign, implementing responsive design, and setting up a WordPress blog which matches the design of the rest of my site. Now, Hemant is going to create the entire site in WordPress. I’ve always been happy with his work and his prices are very reasonable. I recommend him highly!
Dr. Eric Linden
I write this letter in recommendation of Bluenetvista as a contract programming team. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hemant Singh on a complex project involving the recreation and move of multifaceted website pages. I can recommend him highly and without reservation. Throughout the course of the project, Mr. Singh and his team was a consummate professional.

Our job required working with several third party vendors, adding to the complexity of coordination. Although our project took time to complete, I am very happy with the results.

I have engaged Mr. Singh and his team on additional projects during the course of the past year including the implementation of social media capabilities and tracking site wide.

Lisa Underwood
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tahoe Keys Resort and Lake Tahoe Reservation Bureau, www.tahoevacationguide.com
While the Technology knowledge has been first rate and the attention to detail to first rate, I have been very satisfied with the regular feedback and updates on the campaign. More than anything, for a company to use an outsource web development company, frequent updates and communications are vital – and I am happy to say this has been exactly what we have got so far with Bluenetvista.

Equally important, in terms of the bottom line, and end results, we have seen our business growing.

Simon Hersch
Director, www.iPhoneInsuranceCover.co.uk
We consider Bluenetvista an integral part of our team. Initially it started with link building. We agreed the number and type of links required and paid for the links achieved. This expanded as each service proved successful and today we have outsourced most of the website management and marketing to Bluenetvista. They have proved their capabilities at each phase.

Each month we receive a report that shows how the budget has been used and the results achieved. We also receive ad hoc reports when required. We do check the reports against our own information and the results always correlate.

Search marketing is not straight forward and sometimes search algorithms change. This can lead to a change in the positioning of your website for either better or worse. Bluenetvista have been quick to update us and take an appropriate course of actions. Such events are pretty much unavoidable in the world of Search marketing, but the reaction of Bluenetvista has always returned the Axis Translations website back towards growth.

We also got our website redesigned by Bluenetvista and received great user engagement so far. In short – We are a happy client!

Nigel Massey
Project Manager, Axis Translations, www.axistranslations.com
Hemant @ Bluenetvista is one of the best professional SEO, IT Web Developers I have ever worked with. He is accountable, respectable and true to his word. Whatever project I assigned to him, he did it with utmost urgency and accuracy. He is honest and works with the highest integrity. This is a rare gem in the field and industry today. His work on our web sites, programming, development, graphics, and accountability is simply outstanding. I highly recommend Hemant and his team to any firm -it will be one of the best decisions you make for your business!
Revi Goldwasser
President & CEO, JobsOnWallStreet.com
Thank you very much for the excellent service cooperation and quality of the work your company provided for Auto-Rx.I will be in touch with additional work. I would recommend you and your company to anyone looking for quality web development and internet services.
Frank Miller
Auto-Rx, Worldwide, Inc., www.auto-rx.com
I recently asked Bluenetvista team to work on my blog, making it more uniform with the business website and also adding all the search engine optimization paths needed. I am very pleased with the highly professional and satisfactory result at the end. My appreciation and best wishes to Bluenetvista team.
Deb Chance
President & CEO, DiningStones.com
Bluenetvista is an excellent professional web development and SEO company. Since we work together has shown great professionalism, offering the best possible results in SEO tasks. High quality SEO efforts at all times, respect the practices described by Google. Timeliness of delivery, compliance with the requirements of each client, trust and friendly treatment have allowed my clients are at the top of the list of results.
Elias Rodriguez Revilla
Consultor Marketing Online, Tel. 680 21 21 04, Fax. 923 60 42 35
Thank you for your SEO service! We’re extremely satisfied with the results; the amount of visitors has tripled –and is still increasing-, as well as our revenues! Your support is just great; the members of the SEO team are almost always online (through mails/ instant messaging) and reply very quickly to all our questions (even at 11pm). Thank you once again for all the good work/support.
Sebastien Burvenich
CEO, www.dutch-translator.co.uk, Tel.:+357-25-030-280
Starting an online store looks reasonably easy, or at least that’s what I, as a novice, initially thought. What’s to it? You can click your way to a pretty nice looking website…but hold on that is just the beginning. On-page SEO just takes you so far, it’s the Off-page SEO that made the difference for me.

I have a very nice website flirtydivatees.com but like Pinocchio, it didn’t “come to life” until I employed the SEO Services of a company called Bluenetvista. The magic has begun to happen with their excellent SEO services. If you have a website I strongly recommend this fine company. They are not only qualified, they are super qualified. A great company if what you are trying to accomplish is increased sales and online presence. Give them 6 months and you will be on your way to your dream of having a successful online business. If it happened for me it can happen for you with the help of this team.

Linda Boyer
Owner of FlirtyDivaTees.com