7 Ex quality policy

BlueNetvista work with 360 degree quality approach, whether it is about making E-commerce Website or Customized Web Portal. We follow integrated quality system that is well-defined and guarantee 100% positive outcome.

BlueNetVista Quality Policy

7Ex Quality Policy:

Each project that we handle is followed in compliance with 7Ex Quality Steps:

Step1. Explore:

Explore information such as related themes, business requirements, project needs, etc.

Step2. Extract:

Extract relevant info and save it.

Step3. Examine:

Based on present resources, examine which strategy will work out best!

Step4. Express:

Express the same to client discuss the plan and get approval

Step5. Expertise:

Combine expertise of professionals, and draft working strategies

Step6. Execute:

Implement the same with ultimate goal of completion within fixed timeframe

Step7. Excellence:

Review and deliver results presenting only excellence!

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