Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

How would I know which design is perfect for my website?

You can provide us any reference website for design or we will provide you with different layouts along with relevant ideas. You are free to choose from them accordingly.

What If I don’t like the layout?

No, problem we will give you another one. We will not move further unless and until you are satisfied and give us the final verdict.

I have a website but I want to make it responsive. How much time you will take for this?

Although, it depends on the type of website design and functionalities but we take an average of 5-6 days. In case your website is simple and content-oriented; the project will be completed within 3 days. For more information, you can directly talk to our designers. Our designers will reply you promptly.

Web Development

How often a website is updated?

Updating your website depends entirely on your business requirement. In case, your website is based on constantly changed product line, then it needs to be updated frequently. For others, updating once or twice is more than enough. We give all the controls of the site, so that you can make future changes yourself or you can contact us for any help.

There are other Web Development Companies too, then why should I choose Bluenetvista?

No doubt, you will find other companies but Bluenetvista believes in making clients on the basis of trust and not with money. We deliver exactly what we say and that what makes us distinct from others.

What will be the cost of a website?

The final estimation is based on quite a few factors such as design, interactivity, type of site such as e-commerce or web portal. Once the project is discussed, we analyze and decide the cost factor.

How will you make my website interactive?

We have professionals having expert knowledge in the latest software such as Web 2.0, J Query, .Net, Java and many more. Such software and application tools are used to make your website interactive and creative both.

Internet Marketing

I have a small business company having a website, so should I go for a big internet marketing campaign or smaller one?

Well, it is not about going for a big or small internet marketing campaign but about designing the best campaign as per your business requirements. Our internet marketing experts will carefully analyze your website before getting you into anything. We have the capability to suggest the best suited campaign within your budget.

I want to increase my website ranking. So, which one is the best black-hat SEO techniques or white-hat SEO techniques?

White-hat SEO techniques are ethical and have long-term positive results. On the other hand, black-hat SEO techniques are unethical and prohibited by search engines. Hence, you should always go for white-hat techniques. Further, you can always boost your rankings by following search engine guidelines. Always remember that if spam techniques are adopted, your site could be heavily penalized or deleted permanently.

Can you optimize the content of my website, without keyword stuffing?

Yes, we have content strategy and SEO experts who knew all-in-one techniques for ethical optimization. We can also re-write the content to make it SEO-friendly. Further, our internet marketing services will also help you in meta-data optimization, on-page optimization, keyword research and many more.

Project Management

Who will handle my projects?

We employ project managers for each project and render 24 hours customer service. Each project is carefully analyzed and executed as per the client requirement. We can also provide micro-website samples/mock-ups so that client is free to choose the favorite one.

How will I know about the status of my projects?

Well, you will be updated with progressive report every day. You can also directly call us to know what exactly is going on. In case of internet marketing campaigns, a monthly report will be send to your email so that you can easily compare the differences between the previous and present results.

Is there any contract for website maintenance?

No, there is no such contract. Once your site gets complete you are the owner of it. We give you complete details (FTP username, password) to make changes in future. In case, you have any problem, we would love to solve it. In addition to it, you will be updated regarding the website renewal process.