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In the digital age, everything is moving at a faster pace. Whether it is relationship or business. In fact, it is the internet that is dominating the lives of common men in every respect or in every scenario. Be it for official purpose or domestic reason, for any form of information, people are going online. Building network of friends is not hard task these days. Credits go to the social media websites which are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. For commercial purpose, every business man is benefiting from the use of Facebook. It is because the Facebook is offering the platform for the people to build relations among each other. Near about 3 million people are now the members of Facebook and therefore it is serving the purpose of providing the potential customers.

It is really matter to know how Facebook becomes effective in fulfilling the business requirements. The following points of Facebook are highlighted below:

– It has been surveyed to find out how much time people spend in using the Facebook. According to the statistics, it is one hour everyday spent by the user. This gives an opportunity for the e-business owner to grab the attention of the online users.

– Facebook is very unique in terms of functioning for the online users. The auto accept friendship request and interactive space allows every person to join or get in touch with your business. It offers the platform for the business men to categorize themselves and target the specific audience.

– Opening a business account with Facebook would surely assist in increasing the SEO rankings. The online users would read your business views on the Facebook and feel the urge to visit your website and buy any product. Informative content would make a matter of difference or rise for the online user. Therefore, quality content writing is also essential.

– The real time search will further assist in optimizing the web pages and increasing your business status. Real time search results will display your business Facebook page when the proper search is performed and it is when the public content is allowed for display.

– It has been observed that normal Face book user has more than 100 plus friends. If you get in touch with one single person, then obviously you will find more than 100 contacts to benefit your business.

There are in fact more than hundred reasons to make the Face book the right tool for promoting online business without investment and thereby assist in increasing the SEO rankings.

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