Learn the techniques to prevent your website from the negative impact of Google Panda Update

Since last two decades, internet has been the medium of contact or communication across the different countries and as a result the world has turned in to a global village. Internet or the World Wide Web has given many businessmen and people from other professional and academic background to grow on the virtual level. They have been publishing their information on their respective websites for different purposes. Promoting the miscellaneous products through the shopping websites has been the main aim of the business leaders. In order to make the online marketing successfully run, the online marketers take the support of the content management system who contributes appropriate articles. It is not only about writing the articles but also editing, deleting and also maintaining the information. However, the website owners have often faced the challenges concerned with duplication of the content. Under such circumstances, Google Panda Update is used for reducing the effect of duplication. Google Panda Update helps in filtering such sites from the internet.

It has been observed that some sites like You Tube and Video have gained benefits from implication of Google Panda Update and other hand, many content farms have been badly hit and thereby the leading the business of the websites on the negative track. Such content companies maintain the writers hired on freelance or on regular basis. Art of content writing is related with the use of suitable keywords to help the websites get optimized and let the websites get SEO friendly. The spam websites have been maintaining the similar content with same keywords and the keyword phrases. Thanks to the Google Panda updates which is stopping the fake websites to gain any ranking through the search algorithm. Now, Google Panda Update has been in the way to change its strategy. Currently, it is not keywords or the keyword phrases which have been the main target but allowing the search engine to select the important and exact information.

It is required to highlight on which type of websites have been affected worst and may be your websites can be one of them. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of them which are highlighted as follows:

– There are some websites which are content specific and connects with various items or topics. Such websites use keywords and the keyword phrases in large numbers.

– Various commercial sites or the technical sites have similar information on the particular product. As a result, such websites are penalized by the Google Panda Updates.

– The shopping sites or the discount coupon sites also undergo the filtration through the Google Panda Update.
However, with the support of BlueNetVista SEO team members, you can resist the effect of the Google Panda Update. Your website will surely gain the higher ranking through certain points which are highlighted as follows:

– Advertisements published on your websites in large numbers often hamper ranking on the search engine platform. Therefore, it is required to reduce the number of advertisements.

– It is required to verify whether your website content is a product of duplication or not. Your website will successfully gain the higher ranking when the content which is published on the site is original.

– More number of words on the website content will surely help your website to get successfully optimized through the search engine optimization techniques.

– In some cases of article or the content writing, the writer makes the mistake of not creating the headlines with the keyword from the content. Therefore, such website faces the process of demotion by the Google Panda Update.

– Moreover, it is also required to estimate to what extent your website content will serve the needs of the readers who would be your potential customers.

– Allow your website content to be visible on the social media pages which can enhance the chance of attracting online readers. Your website will successfully run when more number of readers are allowed to post comments or opinions.

– Try to increase the number of links through many other websites in whatever you would prefer.


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