Accessible Websites Can Change The Lives Of The Visually Impaired And Deaf Section Of The Society

Internet has been the part of every person’s life in the recent times. It means that the World Wide Web is not only serving the needs of the normal people for the domestic, academic and commercial needs but also helping the physically challenged people to live a comfortable life. Special consideration is given for the blind, far sighted or short sighted persons while designing or creating the sites. Ever since the past they have been responding through the Braille letters and the sound technology. These two factors have been implemented in the contemporary period to make the websites accessible for the visually challenged. No matter, how much attractive the website is along with the diverse functionalities, if it does not reach out to the physically challenged, then that particular website is not considered as the perfect one.

Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia and YouTube websites have been already in process to make them visible and readable for the persons with the hearing defect or the blindness. However, there are still many who have not been attending to the needs of the visually impaired or deaf persons. It is over 285 million people who are blind and approximately 70 million people who are deaf. It is highly necessary to attend to such large number of physically challenged population. Creativity of the web developer or the designer would be highly appreciable when they would focus on making the websites visually impaired centric or using the best audio technology for the deaf people.

The web designers and developers from Blue Net Vista are known for their unique talent or creative sense to choose the best elements for designing the sites and making applicable for the visually impaired or deaf persons. In fact, Blue Net Vista designers and developers are creating the sites which can be accessible in the dial up connection or through any user interface like Smartphone, phone and ipad. The main aim of the designers and developers is to make the information available or reachable for the all kinds of people through any kind of user interface or handheld device and laptop and desktop on affordable basis.

In the retrospect, large section of the physically challenged audience were missed out when the website construction was done by the designers and coding done by the website developers. Now these universally accessible websites are optimized to gain the high ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Easy navigational tool is used in the website for making every person navigate easily and quickly. Ideally, accessible websites are such virtual creations which can function well in the extreme conditions of surrounding weather conditions or in noisy, dark and bright environments.

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