Google updates its Test My Site tool

Lately, Google made an announcement on its Google Small Business blog regarding their updating of Test My Site tool. The tool was launched a year ago and it was being used for checking mobile sites speed. However, it will do more than this; it will show you the number of visitors you are losing due to the speed of the website. Not only this, the comparison will be made to your competitors.

It will provide you with an estimate how long does your mobile site takes to load and due to the same how many potential customers you lose each time. Your site will get a reality check i.e. where it stands amongst that of your competitors. It will be done by standardizing the speed of your site of mobile to other sites in the industry.

The tool will not only tell you about your problems but also give you a solution. It will provide you with guiding tips on how you can make your mobile site faster by using optimizing techniques. It will continue to do what it was doing earlier i.e. grading your desktop and mobile site on the speed basis, however, these two members have been added to the Test My Site tool family.

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