Is Google Addition Of SOS Alerts To Its Search And Maps Your New Body Guard?

In order to provide its users more information with respect to any crisis taking place at a location, Google has added SOS alerts, a new tool, to its crisis response search features.

If you are searching for a location and any crisis have taken place there then SOS alerts will appear at the top. As per Google, it will include stories about the crisis, maps, and information available from local authorities. You will get to know about every natural and manmade disaster and provided with emergency resources, the link of helpful websites and supporting phone numbers.

SOS alerts will pop up on your screen depending on how close you are to the location of crisis. If you are nearby then you will get notification along with helpline numbers, etc. If you are not in the vicinity, you will not get the notification but you can have access to SOS alerts by searching for information about the incident. Moreover, instead of showing you the emergency phone numbers, it might provide you with a link to where you can give donations.

A specific icon accompanied by a trappable card will show up on your Google Map o your cell phone and it will contain SOS alerts. It will have detailed crisis related and real time traffic information.

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