Moving From SEO Content to Customer Content

A decade ago if you would say that the content is ‘SEO content’ it would have been taken in a positive way because the then density of keywords in a write-up used to play a key role. They were important for ranking page on search engines and SEO experts used to find it hard to achieve SEO objectives only on the basis of engaging write-ups.

In present time as well occasionally it is heard that ‘SEO content’ is required. However, it is no more the “SEO content’ but qualitative content that is required. You can partly blame Google, Bing, and Yahoo because we are still playing by the old rules. However, Google has since changed the rules and today what it looks for is qualitative content.

Associate SEO with user experience

SEO is only about improving a customer’s search journey and this journey begins with a search query. No one knows which keywords did one type in the search box to find the content but one definitely knows about the page on which customers landed once they found the website.

Using Google Search Console’s data one can obtain a rough idea as to which keywords did one use to arrive on a page. This data can be used to make a directory of keywords and each of them may show you the other side of user’s intent.

Determining gap in user experience

Research on keywords allows us to know what the objectives of the customer were which website have failed to achieve. A gap analysis is done by mapping the various intents of users at their various stages in the search journey. This gap analysis helps SEO professionals to find out what will bridge the gap and optimize the content.

SEO is about creating content for ultimate users

The motto is to optimize content for users and not for search engines.

Next time whenever you find yourself trapped in conversation over ‘SEO content’, simply put a use case diagram before them which will be outlining the user’s intent. This will clear all doubts and inform that SEO is utilizing information received by Google via customers in order to determine user’s content requirement and quality of the content explains how well it is taken by customers. Once you realize this, you will thank yourself for reading this write-up!

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