See How Vision-Based Page Segmentation VIPS Assist Your Website Gain Higher Rank On The Search Engine Platform

In order to make your website occupy the superior ranking position through the search engine optimization, you might have always depended on the significance of the link construction methods. Often you may have focused on quality links and quality anchor links so that your website get easy accessible by the online users. Every now and then there have been consistent changes in the algorithms implemented in the search engines, henceforth, utilization of quality links and quality anchor links are no more considered as the successful attempts to let your website acquire the higher position. Concept of Visual page segmentation developed by Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Rong Wen and Wei-Ying have been successfully implemented to make the searching successful through the search engine. Initially , it was termed as vision –based page segmentation.

In other words, the vision page segmentation also known as the block level analysis. Any website you own is divided in to segments or blocks which are based on different logic that works from behind. Such semantics or logic are used to separate the blocks and make them independently visible. Nowadays, majority of the people are using the smartphones, iphones and ipads for viewing different things on the internet. Vision page segmentation algorithm is used in the search engine to make any particular block visible to the online users on the smaller internet based devices or the smartphones.

Separation of any block depends on the weighted links given on the websites. Under any normal circumstance, any online user would prefer to go for descriptive information or content rather than checking the advertisements online. The content based blocks bear more weight or value than the advertisement section. With the aid of vision page segmentation, such informative or content based sections can be enlisted through the search engine and as a result the rank would automatically improve. It is the theme based blocks which are gaining the higher ranking in the search engine. On the contrary, other sites are much behind the theme based blocks.

Concept of vision page segmentation has let the rank of some of the websites get higher than the other websites. Especially, advertisement links are getting affected by going down rank wise and that too compared with the content based sites. Putting emphasis on the keywords in any form of block would obviously increase the rank of the site. The permissible links which are connected with the articles, directories and press releases would obviously increase the position of the websites. You can contact BlueNetVista SEO team who would contribute in optimizing your site successfully and achieve high position in the search engine platform at reasonable rate.

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