Top Reasons: Why Responsive Web Design is Good for SEO?

Every now and then the business men are changing their strategies for the trade and commerce depending upon the responses from the users or the consumers. Earlier it was the television and the print media that has made an impact on the people with the various forms of advertisements. Now it is the internet which has made millions not to go without it for a single day. In fact, it has become useful resource for the people from every professional fields. It is all because of the contribution from the various websites with the matters relevant to students pursuing graduation or research work.

There may other forms of education websites which caters to the needs of engineering, medical and even law. Internet is facilitating the comfort to stay back at home and earn money through the earning websites. Several shopping carts are running on the internet which is giving the benefit of online shopping for various types of luxurious products of the different foreign brands. As number of web users are multiplying, so the revolutionary changes are going in the world of web designing. The designer had taken the the start by static design, then it moved to the path of dynamic designing to suit the advantages of the users. Earlier, internet could be accessed only on the desktops and laptops. Now with the entry of smartphones, Ipad and Iphone, internet has gained more users. Designers are reinventing the ways of creating the sites which will fulfill the contemporary needs of the users.

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Now it is the age of the Responsive web design where the designer gets the opportunity to design the website that fits in to the size of the smartphone and different other touch screen tablets. Search engine optimization gives a platform to the business leaders to make an impact on the viewers through their websites on the searching list. Therefore, the major concern is to make the websites SEO friendly with the help of relevant features:

  • The designers are in a way to create the websites that becomes favorite among the popular search engines like google, yahoo and bling, etc. It is the responsive web designing with the help of WordPress that is gaining grounds. Google is insisting on the construction of the singular website applicable for the laptop, desktop, iphones and ipads. It is because majority of the people are smartphone users. If the website is created only for the laptop and desktop, then there might be possibility that the mobile users might miss out the information.
  • Content of the site would be written in such a way that is transparent to the tablet phone users and laptop or desktop users. Such facility is offered in the responsive web designing where content is created in an universal way. As a result, it would lead to lesser bouncing rate of the websites.
  • In fact, responsive web designing facilitates the tool of sharing the content. Users usually switch from one gadget to another. At one time, he might be using the smart phone and checking a particular topic on the website, then, he might use the Ipad to find the same topic and later on he might use the laptop or desktop for the same purpose. It is not only the written content that is made similar with the help of the responsive web designing, it is also the design content implemented in the construction of the site. Contribution of the information happens on the same url or the same source. It is leading to stop using of duplicate content writing which may lead to more bouncing rate of the websites.
  • Responsive web designers are in the way of creating websites for mobiles. If one links to the main website, then it gives an opportunity for the person to find links to the mobile version as well.
  • Searching through mobile in Google is becoming more popular with increasing number of smartphone and tablet users, the mobile optimized sites ranking higher, therefore, the Google is insisting on the use of Responsive web design.
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