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Whenever, you might be thinking of web designing, and then surely the colorful images and content in attractive font might be making an impact on your mind. It is not only outward appearance that appeals the people, but also the functionality of the website. In fact, a website is simply incomplete and useless without the functional features. It is more than any digital art when economic conditions arise. People need websites nowadays for economic gains. Based on the categories of static and dynamic, static website maintains the information or the content which can be seen by the online customers or viewers and dynamic website maintains the interaction between the website owner and online visitor. Some websites are based on academic information or knowledge and few are based on advertising the products and e-commerce.

Whatever may be the types of the websites, there are basic building blocks of the websites. These building blocks are highlighted as follows:

  • You can surely use different coding or scripting tools to build the structure or the layout of the website. Such coding tools are like HTML, PHP, CSS and other options. Word press and Joomla are the scripting tools that would surely affect the website designing dynamically. The types of coding tools will contribute in improving the website rankings. Simple or easy coding would help in improving the search engine ranking effectively rather than bulky codes. Bulky or heavier codes would make the website loading very slowly on the search engine.
  • Website‘s user friendliness is sure to increase its popularity among the online users. What makes the website popular among the people is the easy navigational activities and sitemap to track the correct web page.
  • Choosing the appropriate colors for the background and text font must be there to enhance the readability of the online viewers. Moreover, suitable contrasting colors should be eye catchy to make an impact on the online customers.
  • Functional aspect of the website makes it run for long span. Nowadays, interactive website is gaining more attention than the static website as the online viewers are given the platform to include their opinions for any particular blog. Such interactivity should function well to make to make the website run successfully. Other functional features associated with the website designing are the appropriate links and downloadable content that would raise the customers’ satisfaction and increase the SEO ranking effectively.
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