Content Marketing with Hangouts! Find Out How?

Online world is hub of free apps, either offered through search engines or apps development companies. Whatever be the case, you must understand how to use the tool not just for fun but for business also. In this article, I am going to draw your attention towards newly favorite Google+ Hangouts! Normally, we use this application exactly the way it is being named – Hangouts that is “go around”. But, the thing is that why don’t we go around with something intelligent for our business. Since, last month I have been observing some of the smartest strategies being followed through this interesting app. You will get amazing content marketing search results, not because of its features but because it comes from giant search engine – Google, which is accessed by millions of visitors every day!

Boost Your Online Campaigns In 4 Simple Steps

Below I have mentioned 4 simple steps that will help you to know how to engage visitors with your campaign without much effort through Hangouts account.

1. Make Your Own Video Library:

If you don’t have spare time to make presentation or something, them simply save each of your Google+ Hangouts to your You Tube Channel! This app provides options of streamlining the live video directly on you tube. This way, you can build your own video library without spending any bucks from your pocket. The best part is, unlike other apps that allow one-to-one video chats, Hangouts provide video-conferencing up to 10 people at a time. You just to follow few steps, and then you can manage your video content presentation or discussions for webinars or clients. Always remember video marketing is still in its best pace, getting high You tube rankings means a lot. Once you get potential increase in subscribers and viewers, you are ready to brand yourself!

2. Engage Your Visitors With Tricks

The best way to engage more and more people on Hangouts is to introduce frequent questions related to the your brand or business. Let them talk, interact, listen and compel them to answer or share! Marketing is all about bringing people together and not about you talking about your brand. Be close with your group, play tricks in which you will have to answer about your business. The first advantage of this process is going to be that you will get followers, groups, professionals and next one is that, you can share your video link, forming own social media audiences.

3. Create a Buzz before you GO!

Trust me, the simplest way of online branding and marketing is to generate buzz much before it gets started. Be it an campaign or business event, when you will have an audience to talk about it you are leading the way! Like if you are about to conduct a webinar on Hangouts, then you must inform it, talk about it, encourage suggestions and all. If it’s your first time, don’t worry, invite experienced companies or professionals as your guests. They will love to join you since everybody loves to engage with maximum audience through webinars. Invite companies that have a wider audience at their back. Don’t sit back when everything is over. Make an entire report, add content make eBooks, white papers and spread it all around your channels. If you lack time, simply put together the facts and make quick video presentations enhancing your content marketing strategy.

4. Frequent Branding:

Most important of all, promote your Hangouts channel through other social media apps and platforms. Select any interesting name for the same, and engage new people every day. Use the published content and link them some or the other way. Write brief descriptions for SEO purposes, make text-based videos and put them all together. Convert audio into the podcasts and reach the Apple device users as well!

From above, you must have understood that running content based campaigns are not about spreading it online but strategically engaging clients, without making them realize. Further, as Hangouts is a product of Google, it will ultimately help you in ranking factor for sure. So, what are you waiting for, make your calendar and start investing time on Hangouts, the real business go-around!

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