Welcome Facebook Media after Facebook For Business

Facebook Media is the next hub of public figures and media organizations!

Facebook is heading forward in the race of bringing popular and important tools frequently. Yesterday, this giant social media introduce Facebook Media, which is next outlook after Facebook For Business. Facebook Media is especially made for public figures, organizations and other media outlets looking for helpful ways of using Facebook.

Nick Grudin (Facebook director of Media partnerships) explained the overall purpose through a blog post in which he says:

“Every day, content creators around the world — from digital publishers, to public figures, to video producers — use Facebook to connect with their audiences in innovative ways. They reach new fans, start conversations and drive discovery of new stories. In the process, they make Facebook more vibrant”.

“At Facebook, we are committed to building a platform to make these connections broader, richer and more dynamic. That’s why today we are introducing Facebook Media — to highlight great examples and new trends illustrating how public figures, organizations and media are using Facebook to connect with their audiences”.

For help or to follow the best practice you can check out “Drive Referrals to your Digital Properties” which has almost everything in details. Below are the quick 12 points covered:

  • Post frequently
  • Share links, photos, and a variety of content
  • Upload videos to Facebook with a call to action
  • Create content with social context in mind
  • Tag other pages in your Facebook posts
  • Host a Q&A
  • Build around your stars — whether TV talent or writers or public figures
  • Use Trending to find popular topics on Facebook and post about them
  • Embed Facebook or Instagram posts in your website
  • Add the Like and Share buttons to your website and mobile apps
  • Add Open Graph and App Links tags
  • Add Facebook Comments to your website

From above it is pretty clear that this new tools is for anyone who is using Facebook as a marketing tool!

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