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Are you running a small business or managing an established one! Well, this article is for all – the start-ups, struggling and successful business companies. Here, we are not going to discuss about your revenue but about managing it! Surprised? Well, this is true. If you are, just scrolling pages on internet then this time try out a search on “free-online business tools”. You can’t even imagine the power of these tools unless you experience yourself. But, in case you want a quick overview, continue reading:

Well, the name looks more like any news channel! But, in reality, this channel will actually help you out in managing your own social intranet account! This tool is an excellent collaboration on which you can now easily transfer files, share documents, mange all projects, etc. You don’t have to indulge in buying any CRM (customer relationship management) software, since it has it all. This tool is styled exactly like social networking sites and has 100% functional design. The best part is that the start-up plan is free! 12 users can use up to 5 GB. You can use it either on your desktop or even at your mobile!


As the name itself suggest it keeps a record of whatever has been done leading to self and team motivation. You will get evening mails asking about your day work. This is one of the best tools which can also connect you with your team for gaining appreciation, saying thanks, commenting work and many more. If you want to enhance your own productivity and want to throw & complete a new challenge every day, you have to just sign-up with an authentic email + password! Most of the businessmen make use of iDoneThis for motivating their own team doing their work on different fields. Through this tool, the team members are able to know the work done of each member. The basic plan is free, but it costs $3 dollar per month for each member.


In this tool, you just have to drop the files, documents or all the sharing content and can share or sync it anytime and anywhere! If you are running a small business or need to have just another alternative tool for saving some important things, DropBox is best for you! Another thing, once you sign-up you can access all those saved items online or offline. The basic plan is absolutely free with 2GB of space that can be used for managing all your stuff! If case, you want full security on mobile devices, simply add password lock!


Now, if you confused about marketing tips, SEO, analytics and don’t know exactly what to do? Just go to Woorank. Although, you will need a professional SEO company to handle all this but you can view your performance of the current running website! This tool is amazing for reviewing our entire website based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just run a free review and track the changes required. The process is simple, easy and pretty much basic, you at least for general guidelines, you don’t have to spend thousands of bucks!

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