Use of Social Media by B2B Marketers in 2014

Gone are days when B2B concepts were treated as risk factors! Today, social media platforms have made it possible for each business to introduce, present, and impress other businesses making a larger room for profitable deals.

Use of Social Networking Sites by B2B Marketers!

Businessmen are smarter, and are making use of all the latest trends and technologies to reach their targets in fast, smooth, and easy manner. Surprisingly, 45% of the B2B businessmen are looking forward to invest more on social platform spaces to grab maximum attention. The number of B2B players in the market has increased and are ready to face challenge of gaining a strong foothold in the market.

Social Media is the best place from where one can easily get both, the customer and business. Through effective internet marketing strategies, businessmen are able to attract a major hub of visitors. First, let’s discuss about the most frequently visited social networking sites. Most of the B2b businessmen make use of the popular social media sites for content distribution. If you are thinking about getting indulged in content marketing for attaining more and more business, go for these sites.

LinkedIn is used by 91% of the businessman followed by Twitter and then Facebook. On an average six social platforms are being used as compared to five last year. Constant increase has been shown by relatively new platforms in terms of sharing of business info. The trends can fluctuate but the concept of using social networking sites will always be on hike!

World Wide Web is the place having unlimited virtual space of content, images, and videos. Out of the three, content is the most dominating key, which is again the focal point of the marketers for brand awareness. Well, everybody knows that once the brand communication is done effectively, profit will be on its way. The next goal of marketers is on lead generation which is all about generating revenue.

Marketers are ready to spend a major share of their budget on content marketing. If we compare the data from the last year, (2013) which says 54% of the marketers are ready to spend on content, this year it is expected to grow till 58%. Updating content is one such popular trend which has been readily accepted by the people all over the world!

From the above, it is quite clear that marketers are believing on content management and social networking, more and more. They are quite clear about how to reach their potential clients in a good way. Hence, if you engaged in B2B, then it is must that you hire some professional company for handling internet marketing services, ensuring everything right from evaluating website till your online success!

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