Study The Impact Of Visual Based Page Segmentation-A New Revolutionary Link Building Tool To Improve Your Website Ranking

The search engine optimization expert has observed the effects of the anchor link and quality link in the process of link building strategy. Slowly and steadily, these methods are disappearing and getting replaced with the newer algorithms to impact and support the search theory. One of the latest algorithms which have given upliftment to various informative and shopping sites is Vision page segmentation. This concept has been developed as the block level analysis on paper by Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Rong Wen and Wei-Ying.

Every algorithm implemented till date have impacted the World Wide Web Page as the single node. It has let many online business websites and informative websites suffer from the low ranking policy. Every block on the website is related with different logic. But the website divided in to several segments or the blocks will have advertisement links on the left hand side or on the header or footer area of the web page and the content is located in the middle area. Using the vision page segmentation on the singular web page, every section would be seen as the fundamental unit.

Lately, the concept of block level analysis has been implemented in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to make the search by the online users successful. Vision based page segmentation has let the link building strategy become successful with the support of block level analysis. Visual or Vision page segmentation has contributed in the way of the search engine optimizing through following points:

– Vision page based segmentation has let the search engine optimization choose the content links over the advertisement links. Content links have been gaining more weight than the advertisement link s is either placed on the header or footer or on the left or on the right.

– The themed based topics in the website will score higher than the website with no theme. The appropriate keywords selected by the SEO expert who makes theme based topic successful or surpass the other websites.

– Owing to vision based page segmentation, devaluation of certain links occurs. But with support of the reliable links from the articles, directories and press releases, the ranking will obviously go up and that too when the links are tightly themed or close to your target keyword.

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